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What Should I Do Before Hiring a Private Investigator?



Hiring a private investigator is a decision that is often difficult because it can involve issues of a personal nature, legal, or other contentious issue. A professional private investigation agency will take the time to discuss the matter with you and advise you on the feasibility, cost, and whether or not they can perform an investigation on your behalf.

Private investigators often must first assess whether or not the investigation being requested is permissible. There also is the issue of whether or not the individual requesting the investigation is in a position to do so. We typically examine the issue and determine whether or not there is a breach of a contract, contravention of a law or act, or other matter which might arise into litigation. If the investigation being requested is not one of these matters, then it is most likely we would decline the investigation.

We often receive inquiries regarding the provision of services that are prohibited by law such as – GPS monitoring of a private individual, intercepting email communication, retrieving cell phone data etc. Only the owner of the vehicle can place a GPS on the vehicle and this is only typically done in the scenario where it is a company or corporate vehicle. Intercepting private emails or other private communications is prohibited by law.

There has been exponential growth of Private Investigations agencies in Ontario in the last decade due to easing the requirements for licensing.

Since approximately 2011, Agency applicants are no longer required to go through the previous requirements of

* Developing a business plan with Income statement, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flow projections.
* Developing an operations manual and employee manual.
* Providing a CV documenting Private Investigation experience.
* Completing a in person interview with the Deputy Regsitrar to demostrate ability to operate a Private Investigation Agency and competent knowledge of the Laws / Acts that apply to the Private Investigation Industry.

There are several things you should examine before contacting or hiring a private investigation company. Just like any other profession or industry there are good and bad apples. With the steep increase of licensed agencies there has been a rise in less than reputable operators. It is not uncommon to see Private Investigations agencies websites pop-up with

* Claims of being in operation for several years with inflated claims of the number of cases handled.
* Over exaggerated claims of the amount of investigative staff with little or no substantiation. Many don’t even disclose who the Principals, Management, or Staff are at the agency, let alone their background.

Here is a list of questions you should consider when hiring a Private Investigator.

Titan Investigations Inc.’s President & Director of Operations – Mr. Peter Grace has been a license Private Investigator for over 22 years. Mr. Grace has a Bachelor of Commerce Degree, a Diploma with Honors in Private Investigation and is a Certified Master Investigator with the Council of Professional Investigators of Ontario (CPIO-MI) .

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