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Protected: Comparison Investigation Hours vs. Surveillance Footage Obtained

Download Comparison-of-Investigation-Hours-to-Surveillance-Video-Footage-Obtained-1Download

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Protected: Titan Investigations Services for Insurance Claims


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Protected: OSINT Investigations – incessantly evolving but one constant will always remain


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Protected: Rural Surveillance requires common sense, planning, and patience

Rural Surveillance requires common sense, planning and patience

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Protected: Preparation and planning are key to successful surveillance operations


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How much does a private investigator cost?

How Much Does a Private Investigator Cost? Most private investigation services are offered at an hourly rate plus expenses. Typically, rates can range anywhere from approximately $60.00 per hour to $140.00 per hour. The rate will depend on the investigation service required and the level of experience of the investigators involved. Most agencies will provide an estimate ... Read More


What Should I Do Before Hiring a Private Investigator?

WHAT TO DO BEFORE HIRING A PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR? Hiring a private investigator is a decision that is often difficult because it can involve issues of a personal nature, legal, or other contentious issue. A professional private investigation agency will take the time to discuss the matter with you and advise you on the feasibility, cost, and ... Read More

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