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Private Investigations for Lawyers in Family Law Practices: 

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Titan Investigations Inc. assists Family Lawyers / Law Firms, by providing legally admissible evidence to ensure lawyers obtain the necessary information to best represent their client’s interests. We guarantee that every investigation is conducted with the highest standard and in a legally responsible manner.

In assisting Family Law Lawyers / Law Firms, we conduct in investigations in regards to:

  • Employment verification / Sources of Income – Investigations conducted to determine the subject’s employment and/or source of income. These investigations can beneficial in legal proceedings related to support, parental custody, and/or appealing spousal support decisions.

  • Parental Responsibility – Child care & welfare investigations – Determine the care, attention, and fulfillment of parental responsibilities. Documenting if the child is unchaperoned or being cared for someone other than the parent. Documenting parental activities to ensure proper care of the child.

  • Parental Competency Investigations – Identifying and documenting potentially harmful activities &/or lifestyle choices of the parent ie. – possible criminal activity, dangerous driving, gambling or other addictions, neglect, absenteeism, &/or disregard for child’s safety / welfare.

  • Asset Investigations – Conducting investigations in a legal manner to identify potential undisclosed or hidden assets. Providing evidence that meets a legal standard, documented source, and disclosure of how evidence was obtained.

  • OSINT Investigations – Open source intelligence investigations of social media and other sources to document the parent and /or child’s activities to ensure that there is no contravention of morals, values, or other beliefs that could have an adverse effect on the child or their environment.

  • Witness / Will Say Statements – Conduct interviews and obtain Will Say Statements for family law / legal proceedings related to the care/ welfare of the child, parent’s activities, parent’s employment, and/or issues related to individual’s potential of being a fit or unfit parent.

  • Parental visitation investigations – Conducting investigations to document parental visitation. Documentation of parent/child activities during visitation. Ensuring parent’s presence during visitation. Documentation of duration of parental engagement &/or parent-child interaction during visitations.



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