Private Investigator Ontario

What to Do Before Hiring a Private Investigator – Questions

1)      First and foremost you should confirm that the Private Investigator and the Private Investigation Company is properly licensed and insured.


2)      Inquire about the experience, education and training, length of time in the industry, and areas of investigation for both the Private Investigation Company and the Private Investigator who will work on your case.

  • Ask for a CV of the Private Investigator that will be handing your case.


3)      Inquire whether the Private Investigation Company and / or the Private Investigator have conducted similar investigations to yours and what the outcome of the case was.


4)      In most cases a Private Investigation Company will require you to sign a contract or agreement ( investigations for private individuals or corporations).

  • Insure that the agreement clearly states what the investigation will entail.
  • Establishes a budget as well as identifies a breakdown of the costs associated with the investigation.
  • Includes a proposed deadline.


5)      Inquire about how you and when you will be updated about the investigation.


6)      Inquire about what you will receive after the investigation is completed. Most reputable Private Investigation Companies will provide you with a full written report with details of the investigation, the time spent on investigation tasks (such as surveillance), and costs associated with the investigation. (Ontario Private Investigations Agencies are legally required to maintain case files).


7)      Inquire if the Private Investigation Company or the Investigator has ever had their private investigation agency or individual license suspended or have been subject to disciplinary review.


8)      Inquire if the Private Investigation Company or the Investigator has had any complaints registered against them. If so what were the complaints and what was the outcome.


9)      If you retain a Private Investigation Company insist on having a written receipt for any retainer / deposit you have provided and the companies HST number.


10) Inquire about the Principals / Management of the Private Investigation Agency and their experience in the Industry. It is also recommended to inquire about the length of time the Agency has been in operation and proof of the Agency’s length of operation.